I stock router bits and other router accessories such as honing stones. Course attendees soon learn that you need at least half a dozen C-clamps and I carry a range of  clamps.  My prices are competitive but the real difference is that you can call me seven days a week between 09h00 and 21h00 for technical advice. Try asking your local hardware store "Should I use a bit with a top bearing or one with a bottom bearing?"

The most important items in my shop are a range of jigs and other accessories and gadgets (JAGs) that we have designed and built. The simplest and cheapest is a router stand at R100,00. The most complex is a router table top / fence / accessories package at R5000,00. Click one of the buttons below for details of these and other items.

I do not have a debit/credit card facility nor do I have a delivery facility. The prices quoted are for collection at Co.Space - click here for a map . Small, light items like router bits and mini whetstones can be couriered to you.

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Last updated 7 July 2019