Denis Lock

I am a retired computer consultant. I have worked with wood for over 70 years. It all started as a pre-teen when a serious fall in the gymnasium resulted in a badly fractured right forearm. My orthopedic surgeon suggested fretwork as part of a rehabilitation program.

The fretsaw still hangs on my tool rack but is never used today as nine light industrial woodworking machines and double that number of portable power tools have replaced it.

I acquired my first router (a 1/4" D-handle Rockwell Delta) more than 50 years ago. This was the start of a love affair that has never waned. Without doubt the router is my favourite tool: it is certainly the most versatile machine in my shop.

In recent years I have expanded my woodworking to include writing, teaching and consulting. I am a regular contributor to The Home Handyman magazine and have written a hundred odd articles for them. The router figures prominently in these articles. For the last thirteen years I have run a router school and router shop. To date I have trained over 600 students in a range of router techniques and applications. Between them they have attended over 1300 training sessions. Although I have had no formal training as a wood technologist I have studied the subject extensively over the last 45 years. I provide training and consulting services (to individuals and industry) in understanding and using wood.

I am ably assisted in all my activities (building the odd piece of furniture, making items such as router table tops and mortice jigs for sale, course preparation and teaching) by Njabulu (Michael) Sibanda. He is truly my right-hand man.
Denis Lock

Sunday Times- January 11, 1953


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