Using a bandsaw course

I have six powered saws in my workshop: bandsaw, radial arm saw, table saw, jig saw, scroll saw and a portable circular saw. I regard the bandsaw as the most important saw in my shop: it is the one I turn to most often. If I had to re-equip my shop from scratch I would buy a bandsaw before buying a table saw. I used to treat my bandsaw as a machine for 'rough cuts' only. Then I learnt to set it up properly, to fine tune it and use the correct blade for the task at hand. Today I can cut to an accuracy of 0,5 millimetre.

Course content:

  • Anatomy and terminology
  • Safety
  • Set up and tuning
  • Blade selection and care
  • Straight cuts
    • Cross cutting and ripping - handling drift
    • Situations where bandsaw is preferable to table saw
    • Resawing
  • Curved cuts
    • Simple - relief cuts, cutting sequence
    • Compound - the example used is a cabriole leg
  • Cutting joints on a bandsaw
  • Jigs and fixtures

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A maximum of three attendees will be booked on this half-day course which is a mixture of demonstration and hands-on. The fee (which includes all materials, a comprehensive handout, light refreshments and post course support) is R750,00. My Rockwell-Delta 14" bandsaw is used on this course.

Last updated 13 August 2018