The following services are provided at an hourly rate plus material and labour costs (if applicable):

  • Help with a project: You choose the project and provide the materials. I will provide the equipment, expertise and workshop space. At every step I will explain the why and the how, discuss the alternatives and safely guide you through the machining and assembly. Costly errors and waste of material will be avoided.  Examples of projects handled this way include lamp stands, cutting boards, router table and other machine stands, coffee tables, mirror frames, vanity units, headboards and replacement patio doors. The time: from a few hours to multiple five-hour sessions. A single task, using a machine you don't have, through to the complete project can be handled this way. Learning does not get better than this.

  • Solving problems with wood movement. Why did those table tops crack and warp?

  • Machining (cutting, surfacing, thicknessing ...) - limited volume and sizes
 (new wood only - no reclaimed timber). If desired you can help and learn the safe and 
 efficient way to use a planer, thicknesser and circular saw

  • Purpose-built jigs and patterns

  • Design and construction advice (material choice, joint choice, machining technique ...)

  • Large glue ups - I've got lots of clamps


Last updated  2 February 2018