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Recent student feedback

I'm glad I squeezed in two classes with you before we all got sent home. (PO'H Apr 2020)

Thank you very much – I absolutely enjoyed the course, in addition your level of knowledge and willingness to share is awesome and hugely appreciated. (ML Feb 2020)

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge – I thoroughly enjoyed the training. (JL Feb 2020)

Thanks Denis, really enjoyed the course. (JL Jan 2020)

Thank you for the notes and the course on Saturday, it was very, very rewarding.  (ML Jan 2020)

I thoroughly enjoyed the course last weekend and am looking forward to this Saturday’s course. (JL Jan 2020)

I just want to thank you for an outstanding course on Saturday. I learned so much – knowing what one can do with a router opens up so many possibilities. (JC Jan 2020)

Thank you for the great learning last Saturday. I really enjoyed the course and learned so much! (CH Jan 2020)

Dankie wat jy my gewys het wat ń router kan doen oom Denis. (AB Jan 2020)

Thank you for your mail and the information. It was a privilege to attend your class. It was great to learn some basics from a Master! (CB Nov 2019)

Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable workshop. (RM Nov 2019)

Once again I thoroughly enjoyed myself, you time and patience is appreciated. (SS Sep 2019)

Thank you for an informative routing class. I am looking forward to putting my router to good use. (RB Aug 2019)

Thanks again for the advice yesterday – was invaluable. (GB Aug 2019)

Thanks again for the training . I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have learnt a lot. (WO Aug 2019)

Thanks for the course I enjoyed it immensely. (PM Aug 2019)

Firstly thank you for the course and the photo.I really enjoyed the day. (RO Aug 2019)

Thank you for a very informative course and comprehensive course handouts. (FM Aug 2019)

Thank you so much for Saturday, I learned tons again and enjoyed it. (AvZ Jul 2019)

Thank you so much for a well presented course. We definitely learned a lot. (WE Jul 2019)

Thank you for a wonderful course on the 13th July 2019. Both Joe and I really enjoyed the session. (JH Jul 2019)

Thank you so much for the training on Monday, again I thoroughly enjoyed myself. (SS Jul 2019)

Thank you. I learned a lot. (SM Jul 2019)

Thank you so much for the course yesterday, we both enjoyed it tremendously. I look forward to reading any future newsletters you send out. And building something with our budding skills! (RW & GW Jul 2019)

What can I say! WOW! That was awesome and I kept looking at my watch because I did not want the course to end. I was like a sponge taking in all the information. You will definitely not see the end of me. I would like to thank you and Michael for everything. (HS Jul 2019)

First of all, thank you so much for the fantastic workshop that you presented to us yesterday, to teach us the fundamentals of using the router. You are absolutely amazing the way in which you taught us so much about every aspect of routing. I have learnt so much and now I must practice lots and try out different cuts and grooves and patterns etc. I am so lucky that George gave me your contact details. He told me that you are the best router instructor and you certainly have proved that! Also, thank you so much for your emails and all the information and photos. I am amazed at everything that one can do with a router. I can understand the reason why you are so passionate and so good with the router. (VK Jul 2019)

Thank you for all the priceless information, I’m so excited to get back home and stuck into my projects. (SS Jul 2019)

Thank you so much for an interesting course. I have learned such a lot of easy to use and useful techniques. (FM Jan 2019)

We really enjoyed yesterday’s routing course - you opened our eyes to a whole new world of techniques when doing woodworking. And I am no longer scared of the router. (JS Dec 2018)

Thank you for a remarkable learning session yesterday, I really learned so much and will be setting my learning into practice shortly. I really enjoyed it but most of all it is a privilege to learn from somebody with so much experience, you make things easy for us beginners. (AvZ Aug 2018)

Last updated 11 April 2020