Router tables

In his book Woodworking with the Router, Bill Hylton has this to say about router tables:BillHylton

"Of all the accessories made to use with a router, the router table is the most useful. It turns the portable router into a precision stationary machine."

The key word is 'precision'. I regularly rout to an accuracy of 0,1 mm, but I am quick to add that you can't do this on a table that has 1mm of play. By the time a woodworker is ready to use a router table they are ready to build their own. There are lots of plans (many of them free) on the internet. I market a number of components that can help you build a router table.

The router table was not invented by one of the big woodworking machine manufacturers. It evolved as a shop improvised tool. Woodworkers, frustrated with some of the shortcomings
of a hand-held router, mounted their router in an inverted position under a some sort of a table.
I maintain that most commercial router tables are over-designed, under-engineered and over-priced. Perhaps the marketing strategy is let's add features that the average woodworker can't build themself and then they will buy our table.

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Last updated 26 April 2017