Router bits

When asked "What make of router bits should I buy?" my answer is:ProTechCatalogue

For the home workshop and light production the Pro-Tech range is good value for money. The range is comprehensive and includes both ¼" and ½" shank bits. Click here for an online version of the
Pro-Tech catalogue.

For higher volume production I suggest better quality bits like CMT, Dimar, Trend or WPW. Be prepared to pay a lot more than the price of Pro-Tech bits. You will also have to turn to one of these brands for special bits not available in the Pro-Tech range. For example I use a CMT bit with replaceable tips for high volume pattern routing. Unfortunately the local agents tend to carry the popular bits only. I end up importing directly from the USA: a costly exercise.

For experimentation you might consider the Tork Craft budget range

I do not recommend the 'bargain price' boxed sets. The bits are low quality. In particular they are poorly ground and the cutter diameters often do not match the bearing diameter. The cutting edges are often too short and there is also unnecessary repetition.

Remember it is the bit that does the cutting - not the router. A mediocre router fitted with a good bit
will cut a lot better than the world's best router with a mediocre bit.

I stock a limited range of Pro-Tech bits - the ones used on my courses. If you are going to visit me in Midrand give me a week's notice and I will have the bits you want waiting for you. E-mail or phone me for a quote.

The stock carried by local retailers is limited. If you can't visit me buy online: I recommend BPM Toolcraft (click here).

You are welcome to contact me for technical advice. I can potentially save you money.



Last updated 16 June 2019