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Introductory router courses

No prior router experience is needed for these two courses. Casual router users benefit from these two courses and go home amazed at the possibilities of the router.

RW0 – Fundamentals of hand-held routing

RW8 – Fundamentals of table routing


Intermediate router courses

Prior attendance at RW0 or basic routing experience is recommended.

RW2 – Pattern routing

RW4 – Mortice and tenon joints



Advanced router courses

These courses are router-table oriented. Prior attendance at RW0 and RW8 or equivalent experience is recommended.

RW1 – Tapered sliding dovetail joints

RW6 - Frame-and-panel doors

RW9 - Edging man-made boards


Other courses

FWJ – Fundamentals of woodworking joints

UAB – Using a bandsaw

UUW – Understanding and using wood



Course brochures can be viewed by clicking on one of the blue course codes. You may wish to save the brochure on your computer.

There is no major significance to the numerical suffix in my course codes – they simply represent the order in which the courses were developed.

Last updated 10 June 2019