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Router school

I run two types of half-day router courses: scheduled and run-on-demand. The scheduled courses are multi-student (up to three) and are run on a Saturday morning (09h00 to 13h00). The run-on-demand courses are aimed at those students who would prefer to work alone (one-on-one) or in a small group where they know the other students well. Most often the group is a pair such as father and son, husband and wife or two good woodworking buddies. I have run sessions for three: grandfather, father and son; husband, wife and son; and father and two sons. Weekday mornings (09h00 to 13h00) are set aside for run-on demand courses. A limited number of run-on-demand courses can be fitted in on a Saturday morning.

The course titles and content are identical whether you attend a multi-student course or a one-on-one course. There is one exception: a multi-student version of Fundamentals of hand-held routing is not offered.

I run my courses at Unit E24, Co.Space, Midrand (click here for a map).

Whether you've always wanted to use a router but never known where to start, or you're an accomplished craftsman with the router and want to expand your skills there is a RWD course for you.

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Last updated 2 September 2017



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