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Classified advertisements

You are invited to submit your woodworking advertisements for free publication on this website.

General terms and conditions

  1. Routing with Denis reserves the right to edit or reject any advertisement.
  2. We make no statement regarding the quality, value or suitability for any given purpose of the items advertised.
  3. We will not be involved in any negotiations, contracts or payments between the advertiser and purchaser.
  4. It remains the purchaser’s responsibility to check the credentials of any advertiser they do business with. We cannot be held responsible for any damages, misleading claims or financial loss.
  5. This offer does not extend to commercial suppliers.

Submission and publication of advertisements

Advertisements must be submitted via e-mail and must be less than 120 words and can include one low resolution
(150 KB) image. If necessary a down-loadable document can be added. Advertisements will be placed in one of three sections:
For sale, Wanted and Services. Unless explicitly renewed, advertisements will be removed 30 days after publication.

Recommended suppliers and products

You are also invited to submit your recommendations for suppliers of woodworking tools, machines, accessories, supplies and publications. We expect these to be based on personal experience of high quality service, excellent pricing or availability of hard-to-find items. Specific products will also be recommended. These submissions are subject to the same general terms and conditions as stated above (for advertisements/advertised read recommendations/recommended, for advertiser read supplier).

Specials and events

Some suppliers distribute regular e-mails announcing new products and specials. Sign up details for these announcements are given. Events with a woodworking flavour will also be advertised.

Click on one of the above links to buy, sell or view recommend suppliers, supplier specials and events.


 Last updated 17 April 2018