The Routing with Denis router table fence - specifications

Size and attachment of fence:
  • 800 mm long, 115mm high and 115mm wide
  • Attached with two 75 mm C-clamps. I've experimented with other clamping approaches – they are not totally satisfactory. Nothing beats the holding power of an 1/2" Acme thread.

Construction of fence:

  • Laminated quarter-sawn stock – very stable
  • Glued construction: no metal screws
  • Fence is trued (dead straight and exact 90°) on jointer after assembly. You can't do this with MDF fences.
  • Can be re-trued in years to come if necessary
  • Built-in 35 mm diameter dust port. User can add a plate with larger hole if necessary
  • Adjustable MDF fence facings added – easily replaced if necessary
  • Mitred fence inserts used: these can be cut on a bandsaw or scroll saw to match individual bit profiles. This results in minimal fence openings – an important safety factor
  • Fence facing fitted with six M6 threaded inserts for attaching bit guard and feather board(s)
  • The fence is very sturdy (some might call it overkill when they feel the weight). The standard 115mm high MDF facings can be replaced with a 400mm high facing for special applications. It does not flex when in use.


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  • Front view
  • Back view

  • End view
  • Truing up

  • Fence insert
  • Vertical jointer

  • Tall fence
  • Push block

 Last updated 22 December 2016