The Routing with Denis router table package - accessories

Accessories provided:
  • Four 'reducing rings' for different diameter bits (an important safety factor) (not used with drop-in plate version)
  • Combined table bit guard, dust port and starting pin
  • Eight fence inserts
  • Fence bit guard
  • Two feather boards
  • Two fence registration blocks
  • Two 75mm C-clamps to clamp fence
  • Shims for outfeed facing. Offset outfeed side of fence when using router table as a vertical jointer.
Additional accessories available:
  • Replacement fence facings
  • Additional fence inserts
  • Pusher block: a simple mitre gauge replacement. No hassles having to set fence parallel to mitre gauge slot.
  • Tenon trimming sled: trim tenons to an 0,1 mm accuracy for piston-fit mortice and tenon joints
  • Coping sled for use with rail and stile cutters
  • Single-piece tall fence facing – used for flush trimming and cutting stub dovetail tenons on ends of shelves etc
  • Finger (box) joint jig
  • Biscuit slot cutting jig


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  • Table bit guard

  • Fence bit guard

  • Feather board

  • Fence registration blocks

 Last updated 22 December 2016