Bosch routers

BoschPOF1400ACEMy recommendation for a router for hand-held use is the Bosch POF 1400 ACE. I have been using this router (and its predecessor the POF 1300 ACE) in my router school since I started teaching router courses seven years ago. Features include:

  • Well engineered collet (the most important part of a router in my book)
  • Soft start and electronic feedback for constant speed under load
  • Comfortable handles with conveniently located on/off switch and spring-loaded plunge lock
  • A micro-adjust feature that is accurate to 0,1 mm and has a full 16 mm of movement. Works while the plunge column is locked *
  • Click-fit guide bush, a seven-position turret (3 mm steps) and a dust shroud that really works
  • Excellent service and parts availability

* This feature makes the POF 1400 suitable for mounting in a router table if you are going to share a router between hand-held and table use. It goes a long way to solving the height adjustment problem experienced with most table-mounted routers.

There is a simpler (lower priced) model, the POF 1200 AE. It does not have soft start, constant speed and micro height adjustment. The power rating is slightly lower. 


 Last updated 16 January 2017